SSolver: Simulation engine


SSolver: SPISim’s spice and field solving engine. It’s is fully integrated into our SPISimPro suite or can be used as stand-alone and with 3rd party (XSpice compatible) simulator.

Application Scopes:

  • Simulation in time domain, frequency domain or multi-port S-parameter extraction;
  • 2D field solver for transmission line and stackup analysis;
  • Fully integrated and also can be used stand-alone or with 3rd party simulator;
  • Provide integrated back-end analysis support for all SPISim’s analysis modules.

Key Features:

  • High-performance computing focusing on system level elements, running cross-platform with multi-threaded/sim-farm supported.
  • MNA based, XSpice compatible, native (C/C++) simulator supporting these device modeling:
    • Pattern based voltage sources, like PRBS
    • IBIS
    • Coupled, lossless or lossy transmission line using tabular model
    • multi-port S-parameter
    • S-parameter extraction via simulation
  • Field solver for transmission line/layer stackup:
    • Quasi-static;
    • RLGC tabular model output;
    • Quality s-parameter extraction of .tab to .snp via SPro

Usage manual: click [HERE] to see manual for detailed capabilities.

Example decks: click [HERE] to download the example FullChannel.sp and SParamExtract.sp along with models to give it a try. Unzip and see README.txt first.

Overview slides: View externally:[HERE]

Video demo: View externally:[HERE]

System Requirements:

  • Windows, Linux